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Mother Nature’s Pest Control has a proven record for termite colony elimination since 1979, when we began our mission to provide quality pest control and termite elimination to greater Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today, at Mother Nature’s Pest Control, “we know the secret.” We install and monitor the eco friendly Sentricon Colony Elimination System, thus providing the homeowner with peace of mind. Call today for your free 7-point termite inspection. Our licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable termite specialists will provide you with a free estimate and best solution for your termite elimination and preventative needs.

I think I have termites?

Termites’ swarm is one of the best ways to identify and recognize active termites. Subterranean termites swarm in Oklahoma, usually, but not limited to Spring. They typically swarm in the daytime when its sunny and usually after a rain. Termites cause serious damage to a homes’ structure and should be taken seriously; but take a few moments to identify the flying insects, the swarms’ located, collect and save the dead swarm’s, and leave the active swarm alone. They will parish in just a few hours. Call Mother Nature’s and schedule a free 7 point termite inspection. We also provide you with the best solution and a free estimate. Mother Nature’s has been eliminating termite colonies for over 30 years; “we know the secret.”




Termites can also be found by their damage to exterior and interior walls and mud tubes. If you see any termite warning signs at your home, call Mother Nature’s today.


 Swarming termites are an indication of a colony nearby

“Hollow” sounding wood, on homes exterior walls, trim and interior walls. Termite damage can also be seen.

Dead termites found in window-sills, around doors, heating vents, bathtubs and sinks.

Live termites. Small, whitish in color and are worker termites.

Mud tubes located on interior and/or exterior walls..

If you have or suspect you have termites, call Mother Nature’s Pest Control and ask for your free 7 point termite evaluation. Mother Nature’s has been doing business since 1979, and our highly trained and customer service oriented staff are here to help with all your pest control needs. This is a complimentary service to the homeowner. If we find live termites or termite activity, we will advise you on your best treatment options. Mother Nature’s has the solution.


What can termites do to my home?


Termites can eat away the equity on your home. They infest millions of homes nationwide, causing over $ 1 billion in damage and repair annually, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

What should I know about a termite colony?

Each colony may include up to several million individuals, living as deep as 20 feet underground. Feeding on cellulose-based material, such as wood, termites find human dwellings offer the ideal combination of warmth, moisture, and food. Termites can enter your home through a crack as small as 1/64th inch. They can travel up to 200 ft. form the colony in search of food. A termite’s favorite food is the particleboard under hard wood floors.

Termite’s forage for food 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The queen may live 25/50 years laying thousands of eggs each year. Supplementary Reproductives act as a replacement for the Queen if she should die. They may also produce eggs to help increase the colony size. The eggs are then cared for by workers during a two-week incubation period before passing into the nymph stage.

Soldiers with armored heads and strong jaws protect the colony from enemies, most commonly ants.

Winged Reproductives are the termites you may see when they “swarm”, usually in the spring, signaling a well-developed colony. After shedding their wings, reproductives pair off, burrow into the soil and begin a new colony.

Workers represent most of the termites in a colony. Blind and sterile, they forage for the colony’s food. Nearly all damage is caused by worker termites.

The Sentricon Colony Elimination System is the only answer to total colony elimination. Call Mother Nature’s today, “we know the secret,” and schedule your free 7 point termite inspection. We always provide free estimates and our knowledgeable, experienced and licensed termite specialists will offer the best solution for your needs.