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Rodent Control

Mother Nature’s Pest Control has many years’ experience in the control of mice and rats. We have eliminated more mice and rodents than any other pest control company in the State of Oklahoma.


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House Mice – they leave behind 50 to 75 fecal pellets per day that are approximately ¼ in long with one of both ends pointed.

 Mice do not typically burrow; instead they create indoor nests of shredded paper, string, and other similar materials. Their nests are commonly located in secluded corners, beneath cabinets, at the base of kitchen appliances, and in garages with a lot of stored items.


Norway Rat – they leave behind 40 to 50 fecal pellets per day that are ¾ in long, rectangular with blunt ends. Norway rats leave their fecal pellets in a small group.

 Norway rats burrow in the ground outside and usually measure about 3 inches in diameter. It is common to find burrows along foundations and underneath debris, low-lying shrubbery, woodpiles, and storage sheds.


Roof Rats – roof rats leave behind, and usually scattered, between 40 and 50 fecal pellets per day. They are approximately ½ long, curved with pointed ends.

 Roof rats typically nest above ground in trees, attics, ceiling voids, and among utility lines connected to the exterior of homes.


Urine Odors

Both rats and mice urinate during their daily travels. Rodent urine is often deposited in their runways (paths they travel) and other frequented areas. Depending on the size of the rodent infestation, the smell will be slight or very noticeable. Dogs and cats notice the smell too and may excitedly sniff an area where rodents are present.



There are various sounds produced by rodents and their babies, such as high-pitched squeaks, gnawing sounds, scratching and digging noises, and sounds of rodents fighting can commonly be heard during the night.