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Mother Nature’s Insulation provides energy savings by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • Saves Energy & Money
  • Absorbs Sound
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Total Attic Coverage
  • Contains All-Natural
  • Ingredients
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty

Save Money and Decrease Energy Bills

Mother Nature’s Insulation helps keep homeowners cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Comfort. Conservation. Comfortable Conservation!

Fire Safety

Mother Nature’s Insulation, with its fire-retardant characteristics, limits the spread of fire with both flame and smolder combustion resistance.

The Quiet Life

Mother Nature’s Insulation reduces annoying outside noise and helps create a peaceful haven of quality and solitude.

Mother Nature’s Insulation is Green

Made from all-natural ingredients.

A Perfect Fit

Mother Nature’s Insulation forms a perfect fit in your attic, leaving no gaps, covering nooks and crannies, capping the entire attic floor. Mother Nature’s Insulation helps block heat transfer from convection and radiation, as well as conduction.

Mother Nature’s Insulation Kills All Insects That Contact It

Insects cannot build up a tolerance to Mother Nature’s Insulation as they can with organic biological treatments. There is never a need to retreat the insulation. Mother Nature’s Insulation controls ants, cockroaches, silverfish, termites, and all pests listed on the EPA label.



This specification provides information relevant to the installation of Mother Nature’s Insulation in attics, walls and floors using pneumatic equipment. Mother Nature’s Insulation delivers superior R-value per inch, exceptional resistance to air infiltration and superb sound-deadening qualities.

2. Components

Mother Nature’s Insulation contains more than 85% recycled, natural cellulose fiber. A proprietary two-stage process injects dry and liquid fire retardants that penetrate and strengthen the fibers while providing permanent flame resistance. When installed properly and under normal conditions of use, these additives are nontoxic to humans, will not adversely affect other building components, and actually help create an environment that is inhospitable to the labeled insects.

3. Purpose 

3.1 Thermal Insulation

Mother Nature’s Insulation helps buildings stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by effectively controlling all three methods of heat transfer: convective, conductive, and radiant. Buildings are more comfortable and less expensive to operate and maintain. MNI’s R-factor of 3.7 is a 48% increase over the U.S. Department of Energy’s allowance of 2.5 R for loose-fill fiberglass.

3.2 Acoustical Insulation

Mother Nature’s Insulation provides superior sound attenuation, in large part, because it is blown or sprayed in. This provides a custom fit that eliminates the acoustical shortcuts that are created by batt insulations: gaps and voids in odd shaped cavities and around obstacles such as plumbing, air ducts, and wiring.


3.3 Pest Control Insulation

MNI Thermal, Acoustical, and Pest Control Insulation is a ready-to-use insect control insulation. The product is tested to help control the listed insects and is intended to prevent their infestations in building voids (attic, wall, between-floors, crawlspace) where the product is applied. Its effect begins only after insect contact with the product. Controls: Cockroaches, Termites (including Formosan Termites), Ants, Silverfish, Earwigs, Crickets, Sowbugs, Darkling Beetles, Millipedes, Centipedes, and Booklice. Not recommended as sole protection against termites. Use of this product does not substitute for pre- and/ or post-construction mechanical alteration, soil treatment or foundation treatment. For active termite infestations, get a professional inspection.

4. National Standards

Cellulose insulation sold in the US must conform to CPSC Standards 16 CFR Parts 1209 & 1404. Mother Nature’s Insulation also conforms to the requirements of ASTM Standard C-739- 00. Mother Nature’s Insulation is tested only by nationally certified, NAVLAP-approved laboratories.

4.1 Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance calculated using ASTM C-518 is R-3.7 per inch. 4.2 Non-Corrosive Mother Nature’s Insulation is tested and certified to be non-corrosive in accordance with ASTM Standard C-739- 00. The test regimen includes aluminum, copper and steel. 4.3 Building Codes Mother Nature’s Insulation, when properly installed, meets the following building code requirements for thermal insulating materials: BOCA, CABO, ICBO, ICC, SBCCI, & the Model Energy Code.

4.4 Fire Safety

Mother Nature’s Insulation meets or exceeds all necessary fire safety requirements conducted in accordance with ASTM standards: Critical Radiant Flux: >0.12 w/cm 2 

Smoldering Combustion: <15% 

Flame Spread (ASTM E-84): 15 

Smoke Developed (ASTM E-84): 5 

Fuel Contribution (ASTM E-84): 0

4.5 Density

As tested by federally required methods, the maximum anticipated density of Mother Nature’s Insulation after long-term settling of dry application is determined by ASTM C-739- 00 to be 1.45 lb/ft 3.

4.6 Moisture Absorption

Mother Nature’s Insulation complies with ASTM Standards that require less than 15% weight gain under test conditions. Normal relative humidity variations do not adversely affect the insulation.

4.7 Health & Indoor Air Quality

Mother Nature’s Insulation does not contain fiberglass, formaldehyde, or other materials associated with increased health concerns.

OSHA cancer warning? No

Contains glass fibers? No

Contains formaldehyde? No

4.8 Other Properties

Mother Nature’s Insulation meets or exceeds ASTM C-739-00 tests for odor emission and fungi resistance.

4.9 Sound Control

Mother Nature’s Insulation is an excellent choice for reducing sound transmission through walls, ceilings, and floors. The following Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings demonstrate its effectiveness in attenuating noise. The higher the STC number, the greater the reduction in sound.

Cellulose insulated wall: 44 STC Fiberglass insulated wall: 39 STC Uninsulated wall: 35 STC




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