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Germ Control

Mother Nature’s offers a germ control service that rids of germs and viruses, including H1N1 virus. Mother Nature’s offers two germ and virus service methods. One is the “touch point”, destroying 50% of germs and viruses in customers designated areas. The second service is “total surface control”, killing 99% of germs and viruses on all surfaces of the home or business.


Mother Nature’s surface quality, certified technicians are educated, trained and licensed to apply the XMICROBE™ germ Control product. XMICROBE™ Germ Control was specifically designed to disinfect and protect against germs and viruses, in the air and on surfaces. XMICROBE™ Germ Control technology acts like a blanket of microscopic spikes that pierce the cell walls of microbes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides you long lasting, safe, affordable protection.


XMICROBE™ is designed for use in…

   •  Residential homes

   •  Commercial offices and retail stores, manufacturing facilities

   •  Schools, Day Cares

   •  Churches

   •  Community Centers

   •  Hospitals, Nursing Homes


There is real value and peace of mind in the XMICROBE™ Germ Control product applications.


XMICROBE™ Germ Control is exclusively distributed by XGC, LLC.