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Are Bedbugs in your Tulsa Home?

No one wants to think about bed bugs being in their Tulsa area home, but the reality is they can get in when you least expect it. While an infestation can be alarming, the good news is that you can call in the professionals to get the infestation under control and feel comfortable in your own home again. If you are concerned that you may have these pesky little bugs, look for the following signs that can indicate a problem:

Bites on your body

This part may make you squirm a little, but one of the most obvious signs are actual bites. Bed Bugs are nocturnal, and often prefer to be in mattresses or other areas of a bedroom in your Tulsa home. Because they feed at night, anyone sleeping nearby is a prime target for them. They can feed for anywhere between three to 10 minutes until they are full, and will bite on any exposed skin they see. While you may not feel it while you are sleeping, you will see a red mark where they bit you.

Small Stains on your sheets

Because nymphs (immature bedbugs) shed their skin approximately five time before they fully reach maturity, you may see evidence of an infestation from them leaving the shed skin behind. The other reasons for stains include fecal substances, and traces of blood left over from their feeding. While you may not notice the first few occurrences, over time their activity can quickly add up and become more noticeable. They have also been known to create a musty odor, so if you start to smell that, look for the other signs.

Sightings of small brown bugs

To be sure, you should call in the experts to confirm if you truly have bed bugs in your Tulsa area home. But if you see small brown bugs, and have any of the other signs, and have recently returned from a trip, bought used furniture that might have been infested or otherwise come in contact with them chances are they could be bed bugs. Their flattened bodies allow them to come in virtually undetected, so prevention can be difficult.

Some Tulsa area residents are concerned that bed bugs will be viewed as a lack of cleanliness in their home, but in reality they are found in spotless homes and homes that are less picked up. While cleaning can help you see the signs easier, it cannot help prevent them from getting in if they attach to your luggage or clothing elsewhere.

There is nothing pleasant about learning that you have bed bugs in your Tulsa area home, but once you call in the professionals to confirm that is the infestation you are facing, you can become confident they will be gone. The team at Mother Natures Pest Control is experienced in helping homeowners overcome any infestation they face, large or small. Calling in an expert is important since they will know all the places to look, and the best techniques to manage the issue.